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22 Nov

These gals had awesome costumes! Got them posing with the book...

…for Halloween at The Lumberyard Pub in Redding, Connecticut. We had a signing going on while people in costumes had their faces painted and partied the night away. It was totally fun! Here’s pix from our night (wish I’d gotten more)…

The Lumberyard's co-owner Sandy Pope, center, with the bartenders

One of The Lumberyard's bartenders, Gaga'd up...

I thought the cobwebs on this light were kinda interesting...

The Skeletons in the Swimmin' Hole signing table.

Outside display. I LOVE the purple lights and was glad I could capture the mood with my camera!

The Lumberyard has awesome food. I had chicken fingers and fries.

I LOVED these guys' outfits!

Of course, I had to have my picture taken with Tigger!

The whole reason I bought the Twister costume was for the bag. Yes, I'm a bag girl. I own no shoes, but a TON of bags!

Jen, the owners' daughter, was a lumberjack.

I thought the ax was a nice touch!

Chilean miners were actually pretty popular. Here's one with Tigger.

We got to enjoy a bonfire!

Here's me in my costume!


21 Nov

Skeletons in the Swimmin’ Hole – Tales from Haunted Disney World‘s last signing of 2010 was held at Annex Comics and Cards on Broadway in Newport, RI. Here’s photos from the event! Enjoy!

There's so much fun stuff all over Wayne's place. It's a great big colorful piece of eye candy!

Zombies are huge at the Annex. Live in Newport and a Zombie Freak? Don't miss ZOMBIE FRIDAYS!!

The Skeletons signing table.

Wayne has so many things to look at in his shop! It's like going to a huge art gallery.

Artwork by the author of RED ANT #1, Christian White.

Me greeting an Annex regular.

Me signing.

Our spread...pretty good food.

Our spread...pretty good food.

Me and Melissa Martin Ellis of Millennial Concepts, who designed the awesome book cover.

Me and local filmmaker Romeo Ellorin.

Me and Annex fan Jennifer, who ran in and said, "I've so been waiting for this!"

Me and Annex fan Jason!

Melissa and Jason.

Me and Charlie and Amy Wilson, who have supported my career forever. It was awesome to see them!

The bonfire at Melissa and Mark's.

Me and long-time friend and poet Heather Sullivan.

At left, Elizabeth, author of the forthcoming CHOPIN IN THE ATTIC, me, and Wayne.

Me and Wayne at Melissa and Mark's bonfire.


18 Nov

Jennifer Gaffney, the ‘go-to guru for deals, steals, recipes and reviews’ for busy women—and a HUGE Disney Park fan—said of Skeletons in the Swimmin’ Hole that she ‘was glued. I couldn’t stop reading.’

We will be planning a “Creepy Christmas” give-a-way with her blog, so I’ll keep you filled in on the details.

To read all of her comments, visit here:



17 Nov

The third weekend in November, National Novel Writing Month holds a huge fundraiser called The Night of Writing Dangerously out on the West Coast. NaNos from everywhere gather for a crazy six-hour writing marathon that raises funds for the non-profit NaNoWrimo (for more information on this year’s event in San Francisco, visit here:

Here in the Fairfield County region, our shiny-awesome Municipal Liaison Charles Muir (to most of us, YGJunkie) will be hosting The Afternoon of Writing Dangerously at The Acoustic Café, 2926 Fairfield Ave., Ste. 3, Bridgeport CT. This pot-luck event will be full of writing challenges, and raffle tickets will be given out for having met certain goals or can be purchased. Three copies of Skeletons will be offered as prizes.

I was planning on attending, but my very good writing buddy Nanette Morges—who introduced me to NaNo in 2004 and boy did we have a great little club with some other friends of ours like writer Tamela Ritter going there for a couple of years—moved up to a sprawling farmhouse in rural Upstate New York. She and I are going to do a three-day write-in of our own. Two creative ladies in the middle of nowhere with a wine cabinet in the middle of nowhere? Now THAT should be called The Weekend of Writing Dangerously! Can’t wait to see you on Thursday, Nanette!


16 Nov

Nicole Henke’s Bless Their Hearts Mom family-friendly blog loaded with tips (and, she admits, rants) for busy Moms, called Skeletons “the perfect Halloween hostess gift, and for difficult to buy for teens!”, adding that “I finished this book over 5 days ago, yet her dead animal story, Skeletons in the Swimmin’ Hole, is still with me.”

You can read her full review here:


15 Nov

Well, if there’s anyone that could tell you that, it’s Nathan. He decided to share his trials and tribulations with the popular Disney Park Podcast Inside the Magic, and so he created the LIVING WITH DISNEY segment, which ran on the show’s Episode 284 in September.

To listen to the whole episode—if you’re a Disney Park fan, you NEED to!—you want to hit this link here for

Those of you who aren’t Park fanatics and just want to hear Nathan make fun of me, you can visit and listen the segment right from my site:


14 Nov

Bank Street Coffee House, 56 Bank Street, New Milford, CT. Skeletons had a very successful event here on Sunday, October 24, 2010. I read from the collection’s short story “Romancing the Goat.” The charming establishment is for sale! Wish I could buy it. It’s such a neat place. I’m hoping when I get some time to do research on the street at the Town Library I can find out which building stood here during the “Great Fire.”

The town of New Milford, where I grew up, certainly had its share of ghost stories and urban legends. There was The Witches’ Circle—a spot in a huddle of five giant evergreens that was always cold, even in summer (imagine that!), and if you stood in it at midnight, a witch came out and told you how you were going to die. There was Lovers’ Leap, reportedly haunted by the spirits of suicidal Native Americans (or self-sacrificing Native Americans, depending on who was telling it), and they screamed every time the moon was full (or every time a bad boyfriend drove by, or some other variation).

And then there was Bank Street, which was at the heart of the town’s “Great Fire” on May 5, 1902. From the New York Times coverage of the event: “Almost without exception the buildings composing the business portion of the town are wooden structures and flying sparks and the rapidly spreading flames soon gave the town the appearance of a roaring furnace. Young’s Hotel was the first building to succumb to the flames, and the wind which was changing, quickly spread destruction in all directions. At 10 o’clock it was impossible to reach New Milford by telephone.” I would like to get up to the Public Library and do some research on the fire, as there doesn’t seem to be much written about it that’s immediately available.

The front door and signs. The shop is a hub of activity of all kinds, and when you open the front door, it smells awesome—like Grandma’s kitchen when she’s been baking pumpkin pies and sugar cookies. The couches are comfy, and the heavy old tables give the place a rustic feel.

Probably because of that, the town’s teens invented much of their own history, which went something like this: tons of people died! Some parts of the burned buildings were still intact so they incorporated them into the new buildings and they even used the scorched wood! And now those buildings are loaded with angry ghosts! The younger sister of the guy who sells popcorn at the Bank Street Theatre told me there’s a burned-out hotel room that they never demolished (?) on the top floor and the lights are always going out in there! My sister’s babysitter told me the books at the bookstore fly right off the shelves! At the music store the guitars play by themselves in the middle of the night, I swear, my brother’s girlfriend’s best friend swears by it!

Whether or not any of this is true? I have no idea. No one could have died, for all I know, and since the buildings were all wood (most of them, anyway), I find it hard to believe people would rebuild using burnt lumber (if there was even any left). But as kids, we took this as gospel. And the stories certainly were enough to send chills up the spines of every middle-school girl at a sleepover party.

Skeletons in the Swimmin’ Hole—Tales from Haunted Disney World’s first public signing was held at Bank Street Coffee House, right in the heart of that purportedly-haunted district. Because of all the stories about the street that honestly had terrified me as a kid, I thought it’d be a perfect match!

Below, photos from the event. Enjoy!

The Skeletons table.

Long-time New Milford residents Robert and Pearl Carlson were the first to buy copies that day! It was great to see them.

Me at the table, enjoying a cup of coffee before I read a portion of “Romancing the Goat” to the house’s patrons. One of the afternoon’s coolest moments (and there were many) was a teen who came up to get the book with her Mom—and I found out her name was Olivia. In Skeletons’ first story, “Doing Blue,” the character’s name is Olivia—Livvie, for short. I made sure to give her a few extra “Doing Blue” postcards to share with her friends!

Jim West, left, and I used to volunteer together at TheatreWorks New Milford backstage. We share a love of Creature from the Black Lagoon, and he came down for some coffee and brought me some cool stuff: a Creature T-Shirt, an issue of Rue Morgue featuring the autographs of Julie Adams and Ben Chapman (the guy in the creature suit)--and a Burger King Creature toy STILL in its packaging. Totally cool!

Me and the T-shirt! I can’t wait to wear it.

Bank Street Coffee House has a Community Bookshelf, so I donated a copy of Skeletons in the Swimmin’ Hole—Tales from Haunted Disney World. I set it on the shelf next to the Disney book Eeyore’s Oops and Downs. Kinda thought that was appropriate!


12 Nov

Peter D. Schwotzer, book reviewer for Famous Monsters of Filmland (yes, the one that’s been around since the 50s) has called Skeletons “spooky alchemy at its finest…I will be keeping my eyes open for more otherworldly terrors from a writer who gets ghost stories right.” For his full assessment, visit here:

It turns out the reviewer writes for Literary Mayhem and, so the review also appeared on those sites; in addition, Famous Monsters of Filmland publishes its review content to the Internet Movie Database.  Kinda cool to see it on all my fave movie sites!

Even though it’s the same review, if you’re interested in checking it out on the other sites I mentioned you can do so here:

Literary Mayhem



9 Nov

Writer Jennee Thompson’s Cheap Therapy site has featured Skeletons in the Swimmin’ Hole—Tales from Haunted Disney World.

“I enjoyed propping up my feet and reading these stories that are unlike most of the stories I’ve read,” she wrote.

To read the whole review, head on over to



8 Nov

Mystery writer Stacy Juba, author of the mystery novels Twenty-five Years Ago Today (cool book trailer on her site, but you can also watch it HERE:

And the forthcoming Sink or Swim has given Skeletons in the Swimmin’ Hole high marks, noting she “read this book in a day and a half, always eager for when I could return to it.”

Her favorites were “All This Furniture and Nowhere to Sit” and “Charlotte’s Family Tree.” I always find it interesting which ones people choose as their favorites.

To read her entire review—and please share it if you like!—visit here:

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