3 Mar

Canada’s Paranormal Eh? Paranormal Discussion Group is running a Video Clue Contest! The winner will receive a copy of Skeletons in the Swimmin’ Hole and a few other goodies.

Terry Konig (the group’s founder) has put together video clues; four, so far, have been released, with two more to come and the final clue announced on the March 13th episode of The Ghostman & Demon Show (on which I’m the featured guest).

The contest ends March 23, at which time a winner will be selected.

Want to get in on this? Here are all the links you need—what’s been posted to date. Subsequent clues will appear in the ensuing days on the Paranormal Eh? Facebook Page or on the YouTube Channel:

Game Intro Trailer/Teaser

Game Clue #1

Game Clue #2

Game Clue #3

Game Clue #4

Game Clue #5

Paranormal Eh? features a podcast, Round Table Discussions, interviews with paranormal celebrities, a constant newsfeed and more! Check it out on Facebook or visit their website at


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