25 Mar

I will be a guest on Lynda D. Brown’s Author Chat on Blog Talk Radio tomorrow, Saturday, March 26, at 6pm EST/5pm CT. You can listen to it here:

About Lynda, from the Author Chat website: Lynda D. Brown is the Founder and CEO of Spoken Word Press. Spoken Word Press was founded in March 2010 and the company’s first publication, Invisible Enemies, was published in May 2010. Invisible Enemies is available in paperback, e-book and is also available to download to your  Iphone, Ipad, PC,Blackberry, and Android. Ms. Brown’s goal is to publish at least 6 titles for the Invisible Enemies Series, and to market digital content for fans of the supernatural series.

Tune in if you can! If not, I’ll provide a link to the archive after the show has aired right here on my site.


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