5 Jul

My short story “Denigrating David” is now in State of Imagination’s July issue!

I’ve been reading State of Imagination since its inception and I enjoy the fresh pieces they publish. Another interesting feature of State of Imagination? It asks each of its writers to provide a paragraph on the impetus for the piece and then publishes it alongside the piece, which is fascinating—especially for me, who keeps a log of all the ideas or inciting incidents that inspired each of my short stories.

I’m really proud that “David” is alongside some very unique pieces, among them Theresa Williams’ “Autopsy,” which is a serious and deeply disturbing piece that explores the effects of death on those that remain alive. Check out the full issue, here: http://stateofimagination.com/index-soi-3/

If you’d rather just go directly to my story, visit here: http://stateofimagination.com/denigrating-david-by-kristi-petersen-schoonover/

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