We don’t just want Skeletons in the Swimmin’ Hole—we want Skeletons in every town and city all over the world. So we want pix of you, the readers, with your copy!

Seriously, take your copy of Skeletons in the Swimmin’ Hole and get a friend to photograph you—or the other way around—anywhere you like: your back yard, your favorite supermarket, your car, your desk. We’d love to see Skeletons in the Newport Mansions, the Museum of Natural History, any of the Disney Parks, (of course!) or in front of the Washington Monument. And we’d even love to see it in places like Bob’s Llama Farm or places like this Arkansas souvenir shop (notice the “open” sign—classic!):

So get creative (or even crazy). Then e-mail your photo to admitonepress[at]gmail[dot]com with the photo’s location, your name, where you’re from, and a link to your blog or website if you’d like that included. We’ll post it right on this page!



Knightdale, NC ~ January, 2012

Paul Cardullo, of Knightdale, North Carolina, was the winner of Toys for Tots ~ Horror Style 2011! To enter, contestants donated to Toys for Tots and took photos of themselves doing it–the prize, selected by random drawing, was a horror library donated by several authors. Skeletons participated and here’s Paul, on his porch, showing us that hey…those hitchhiking ghosts might have something following them home. Thanks for sending this in, Paul!



The Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, FL ~ January, 2011

The Boneker Family of New Jersey took Skeletons to Walt Disney World! Above, Adam Boneker and his daughter, Dakota, in the Magic Kingdom. Enjoy the pix they sent below!

Dakota Boneker underneath the sign for Big Thunder Mountain. Disneyland’s version of this attraction is featured in the Skeletons story “Romancing the Goat.”

Adam Boneker and his daughter, Dakota, at the entrance to Splash Mountain, where the story “Miss Reyna Gets Her Comeuppance on Flash Mountain” is set.

Dakota in front of It’s a Small World, which figures into two stories—one in the book called “All This Furniture and Nowhere to Sit,” and one that isn’t in the book but is available online, called “It’s a Good Life.” (You can read “It’s a Good Life”—and download and share the PDF with your friends—here:

Dakota in one of the It’s a Small World boats. The boats play a huge role in the story “All This Furniture and Nowhere to Sit,”—Lainee purchases a boat, has it delivered to her house, and converts it into seating for her playroom…with disastrous consequences.

Dakota and Skeletons about to climb The Swiss Family Treehouse, the centerpiece for “Charlotte’s Family Tree.”

The sideboard in the Swiss Family Treehouse Living Room, which is where the wonderful organ that pipes out that polka is kept. In “Charlotte’s Family Tree,” something important happens in this room, and the organ music is featured prominently in the piece.

Skeletons on the sideboard in the Swiss Family Treehouse Living Room!

The Swiss Family Treehouse Library.

Skeletons in the Swiss Family Treehouse Library.

The Swiss Family Treehouse Kitchen.

Skeletons seems ready to be served in The Swiss Family Treehouse Kitchen.



Attleboro, Mass ~ October 8, 2010

Farah Habib’s English 102: Literature & Composition Class at Bristol Community College gets down with Skeletons — not bad for a Friday 8 o’clock class!



My Eclectic Mind, Saugerties, NY ~ September 25, 2010

Welcome to MY ECLECTIC MIND! The work of artist Heather Gleason is a great match for Skeletons: nice and macabre. Looking for something unusual for your home?  She’s got it!



Saugerties, New York ~ September 25, 2010

Skeletons jammed with CAPTAIN SQUEEZE AND THE ZYDECO MOSHERSthe best Zydeco band around…at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival. These guys rock!



Bluu, Danbury, Connecticut ~ September 24, 2010

Skeletons gets to try some Pepperwood Pinot Noir on a particularly (and strangely) Floridian night in late September! Kristi and Mo at Bluu in Danbury, Connecticut ~ Photo by Kristen J



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